Development of microprocessor systems and electronic devices

Our company SPELTRONIC, s.r.o. offers custom development of microprocessor systems and electronic devices, especially in the field of measuring and control technology.

We can develop customized equipment for our customers exactly according to their requirements and specifications.

During development we apply our extensive experience in the use of single-chip microprocessors, measuring and control systems, serial communication and more.

During the entire development phase we stay in contact with the customer who can influence its course.

How it works for us:

1 Getting to know the customer's requirements

  • Initial contact with the customer (we prefer face-to-face meetings, but also use commonly available means of online communication)
  • We discuss the customer's requirements in detail
  • We evaluate the feasibility (or offer alternative solutions based on our own experience)
  • Based on this information, we then draw up the documentation for production

2 Production documentation

  • In addition to the technical solution, the production documentation includes the individual phases of development, deadlines, price and, last but not least, information on how the whole process will be completed, whether by the production of a functional prototype or by subsequent production, whether in pieces or in series, etc.
  • Once the specification has been drawn up, a mutual agreement is reached and the actual development phase begins.

3 Stages of development

  • Based on the specification, we draw schematics, design the PCB, write FW or SW and produce a working sample
  • We hand over the functional sample to the customer, who has the opportunity to check whether it meets all his requirements. The functional sample can also be used to make an indicative measurement in our EMC laboratory
  • We complete the development phase with the production documentation
  • After agreement with the customer, it is possible to move smoothly to the serial production phase. In this case, we will also prepare the documentation concerning the testing of products in the production process and design suitable test fixtures and equipment. For larger series we deploy our own semi-automatic PCB testers
  • We will prepare a risk analysis, arrange any electromagnetic compatibility tests, electrical safety tests or type tests in accredited testing facilities